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Posted 4 Apr 2015 by Qax
I've tried to call Ben. He maybe in the UK right now.

I cut this program for a long time. I came back and it's not any better. I could donate this time to another program. I came back to get to a million, but.....I never did this stuff for the credit. If I'm not doing something useful, the time would be better spent being divided up by the other programs I do.
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Posted 24 Mar 2015 by Qax
A yearly update is asking too much.

This project has to be so low on Ben Wandelt's list that it's too much of a bother to really even explain what we're really doing.

No site updates. No news updates. The WUs keep coming, but...Yeah, not sure I am not just wasting my time. Given how little BW cares about this work, wonder if the data will even be parsed.

All I can see from it (possibly) is a paper published in 2009:

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Posted 10 Jan 2014 by Qax
It speaks volumes too when not even Ben or Faik run the application on their computers.

Recent average credit of 1 Faik?

Even you've been lost.
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Posted 10 Jan 2014 by Qax
You guys call that a significant update?

I can no longer do this guys. This is a really hard decision for me, and it wouldn't have taken much for you to have gotten me to stay. I looked up Ben...see what he's doing and in Paris....see that he's doing some important stuff, but I don't know what I'm doing, nor what it's doing.

This program has a huge communication issue with it's users. Not that a lot of boinc projects don't - just. . .I can't do this anymore like I said. I prefer to be able to see or feel my impact. It's not rewarding for me when I just crunch and....I don't know. It's like I'm crunching units for a science slush fund or something. I know it has something to do with the universe and it's realities, just......nothing more.

Matt out.
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Posted 10 Dec 2013 by Qax
BTW, those were the wrong graphs that I wanted to post in the last thread. Ignore. Focus on the vid.
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Posted 10 Dec 2013 by Qax
Due to computers getting faster, everything remaining constant.....this line should have an upward trajectory.


Another project I do, with a healthier line. Granted, it uses GPUs....but regular CPUs also have been getting faster.

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Posted 10 Dec 2013 by Qax
BTW, that last paragraph is a little confusing. When I'm saying this project is better, I mean Cosmology@home, not theskynet. I'm trying to say they have the PR figured out, even though I think the project concept isn't as interesting.
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Posted 10 Dec 2013 by Qax
I run 14 projects and I think that's too many. But all of the ones I run, I love. This includes this one. However, I am looking for any reason I can find to kick a couple of these projects off at any time because I feel I'm spreading around my resources a little thin.

You definitely have somethings going for you. I love the concept, the school you research for, the head researcher, other people involved. Those nasa and other logos at the bottom help give credibility to this project.

What's missing? Main site changes of any sort. Last "news" was sometime in 2012. And yes, news about the science easily accessible. If there was just 1 or 2 projects, and not the competitive nature of vying our resources and not having us get bored, we need meaningful scientific updates on what we're doing. Compared to other projects - your updates are not very revealing.

A project that I think has really "got it" is theskynetpogs. I think this project is more meaningful, HOWEVER, I think their PR to their users is by far better. Their site is much more flashy, updated more often, and they have TOO MANY trophies. Now I am not trying to turn people away from this project. Like I said - I think it's actually a better mission. But here is an example of one of their updates. Compare it to Bens/yours:

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Posted 3 Dec 2013 by Qax
Please join me at the team named: Occupy

Members of the global movement of Occupy or Occupy Wall Street, this is your team.

You can check out what I like to do at:


But really - I think doing any projects for the team would be great. I'd like to have team challenges, but the team is pretty small right now. If we can get a legit team together I'd like to do that. I hadn't really found a team that was "me" - so I created this one. Hopefully, it's a concept that speaks to you as well.
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Posted 13 Jan 2013 by Qax

Is this project non-profit and/or are the results freely available to everyone?

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Posted 26 Dec 2010 by Qax