1) Forums : Technical Support : I'm getting no new projects (Message 21983)
Posted 21 days ago by David Duvall
Same here. Server status says there are tasks waiting to be sent but, my machines (Windows & Linux) aren't getting any....
2) Forums : Cosmology and Astronomy : The End of Cosmology? (Message 5018)
Posted 1 Mar 2008 by David Duvall
The mathematics of Cosmology appears to be that the number of questions is multiplied exponentially by each new discovery we make about our universe. When we ponder the universe we become like children at that age where they repeatedly ask questions like, \"Momma, why is the sky blue? Da, why is the grass green?\" For many of us, it is part of our nature and I doubt that we will ever stop asking questions, finding answers, and asked more questions. It seems to me that Cosmology will only end with the human race and it\'s possible that some other species will continue their search.

My question to all of the experts is whether there is any evidence which suggests or supports the \"inconceivable\" concept that the Universe is infinite?

Contra, what is the evidence that suggests or supports the concept that the Universe is finite?