1) Forums : Technical Support : No XML Stats Update (Message 7435)
Posted 13 Oct 2008 by Profile Jayargh
We haven\'t had an xml stats update for about 8-9 days now since the server came back up on-line and new work has been generated and validated.
2) Forums : Technical Support : No Work: (There was work but it was commited to other platforms) (Message 7352)
Posted 4 Oct 2008 by Profile Jayargh
I have been participating for over 7 months. For more than three weeks now my platform has not received any work.
Is there a problem at my end? If so, is there anything I can do about it?
If not, is this a temporary or permanent situation? If permanent, and I am not to receive further work, please notify me so I may reassign the allocated time (I\'d prefer not to, in light of the importance of the project).
Thank you for your (anticipated) reply.

Little Cloud -Most of us are in the same boat as you....that is not getting new work. Your resources are not being affected at all by this,only your long term debt,so when work starts flowing again your host(s) will be doing nothing but Cosmology for quite awhile.

Anshul was just appointed as new administrator for the project. Please give him some time to get a grasp of the problems and then to fix them.

Thanks for your continued patience.
3) Forums : General Topics : Welcome Anshul Kanakia (Message 7340)
Posted 1 Oct 2008 by Profile Jayargh
Welcome to the team Anshul! Best of luck to you in getting the project running smoothly.

I am here to answer any questions or help you in any way I can.

4) Forums : General Topics : Cosmology@Home credit discussion (Message 7234)
Posted 10 Sep 2008 by Profile Jayargh
Cosmo is now a poor site for credit. 70 credits for 6 hours work - just stupid to continue if you don\'t have a super fast computer.

As announced on the front page news the new credit level will be 120 credits per task when the HR issues are resolved and new work is issued under the new HR formula.
5) Forums : Technical Support : no new work (Message 7231)
Posted 9 Sep 2008 by Profile Jayargh
just before anyone asks...

yeah, \'no new work\'

We\'ve run out of workunits. So, you all will be seeing this.

Also see the \"Server Status\" page under: unsent units --> 0



Is there still any work. All I get is this message. I run Xubuntu hardy

Tue 09 Sep 2008 16:30:17 EST|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: No work sent
Tue 09 Sep 2008 16:30:17 EST|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: (there was work but it was committed to other platforms)

Want to assist but I need work units!

There is work however we are in a state that the server will not send out any work because of the way homogeneous redundancy is currently set up on the server...the problem is being worked on but don\'t expect a quick solution.
6) Forums : Technical Support : Test work? (Message 7212)
Posted 6 Sep 2008 by Profile Jayargh
If you are running the \'Old Web Design\' you will not see the option of run test apps....only the main web site displays this at the moment for anyone who wants to test ;)
7) Forums : Technical Support : Test work? (Message 7199)
Posted 6 Sep 2008 by Profile Jayargh
The option run test applications was there last week before the hard drive failure....it may have disappeared with the RAID rebuild.Was located in graphics and resources on the account page.
8) Forums : Technical Support : No WUs (Message 7147)
Posted 27 Aug 2008 by Profile Jayargh
I would like to reiterate what Jord has said and add that the rumors elsewhere and the posts here are done in the spirit of trying to give the users who really care about this project some real hope. We mods are not in the habit of spreading false rumors and hope the little information we can give you can be enough for now. Thanks-Jeff
9) Forums : Cosmology and Astronomy : Analysis on work done (Message 7098)
Posted 21 Aug 2008 by Profile Jayargh
Thanks for that detailed explanation Ben.

I am still not clear on when we will actually be using the Planck data though assuming it flies in Feb 2009.Will it be when it reaches L2? Or will it be when the 1st full skymap is produced 6 months later? Somewhere in betwween?
10) Forums : Technical Support : Various tasks or WU\'s that appear to have problems (Message 7087)
Posted 19 Aug 2008 by Profile Jayargh

Project scientist(s) must be content to get so little ouput. Being cynical for a moment...perhaps they never look at the output anyway so it isn\'t missed; perhaps this whole enterprise is just a ruse/vehicle to get funding and we are unknowing participants. I can\'t explain what seems like a total lack of interest in achievement or goals.

Its just major back end,behind the scenes problems which will be solved in time.Please just have patience and bear with us.
11) Forums : General Topics : Cosmology@Home credit discussion (Message 6811)
Posted 29 Jul 2008 by Profile Jayargh
I wonder how long it will be before some of the BOINC Projects tell Dr. A where he can shove the BOINC Platform & go the DC Route ... ???

They don\'t have to go the DC Route .... it\'s quite simple.
How will they force the projects to update the server software ? They can\'t.

Second thing is a bit harder though... make the participants aware/realize that there\'s no need to upgrade to boinc 6.2.x...

S@H can have it\'s thing and will die peacefully along with arecibos shutdown.
Problem solved.

There is still the stats sites manipulation threat lets not forget....they seem to have all the bases covered.
12) Forums : Technical Support : CAMB 2.13 (Message 6712)
Posted 23 Jul 2008 by Profile Jayargh
People will just have to contact the server to fix it.

After contacting the server I still have a 0KB camb_2.13_windows_intelx86.exe file. I deleted the 0KB file but boinc just downloaded yet another 0KB file

Try resetting the project if you have no work on that host ;)
13) Forums : Technical Support : CAMB 2.13 (Message 6701)
Posted 23 Jul 2008 by Profile Jayargh
Q6600 on Vista x64 here. In one of the slots\\ dir\'s, I can see a camb_2.13_windows_intelx86.exe which is about 1kb large. Perhaps that\'s the issue?

Possibly. Is anybody having problems with the linux versions?

Had 1 box Linux that had some on ...suspended 2.12 ...started 2.13 ...running ok
14) Forums : Technical Support : CAMB 2.13 (Message 6692)
Posted 23 Jul 2008 by Profile Jayargh

I know the boinc WU generator has the capability to generate single taks for in-house testing. I\'m thinking it might be a good idea to try that next time. :P

It has been suggested before Thunder....the problem is Scott said the run test applications feature did not work right as we have tried it.....the best suggestion is set up a secondary testing website and announce it so those that wish to test will give the project ample feedback before releasing to all the participants.
15) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Thread (Message 6690)
Posted 23 Jul 2008 by Profile Jayargh
In response to the last 3 posts I would like to know since when is it not ok to make a request for a change in something you don\'t see as working.I requested the change,I didn\'t demand it or force it.

I am trying to lessen bad feelings and make things easier, I hope ,and I am getting nothing but negative feelings back about this.... and...... your feedback is appreciated. I am sorry the written word was conveyed harshly...I am just a \'to the point\'guy :)
16) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Thread (Message 6662)
Posted 21 Jul 2008 by Profile Jayargh

If this is really about one\'s own dissatisfaction, be it the task of moving posts or about the lack of response from the project, then I would humbly suggest reevaluating whether or not the project is worth the time to you. If you find that it is not, then it might be beneficial to you to then evaluate whether it is not worth the time as a mod, as a participant, or both.

I have no personal dissatisfaction from the project Brian...many other participants apparently do...as far as moving posts I am requesting a lightening of the load for all the mods due to no real need for this type of thread....please name me another project with an urgent thread approach?

I value my time as well as the other mods ...apparently you do not.You also don\'t have to answer various avenues of communications by participants about whats going on and why no answer constantly so you don\'t get it about time consumption largely due to this threads existence..
17) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Thread (Message 6659)
Posted 20 Jul 2008 by Profile Jayargh
Post here if there is an urgent problem that needs to be brought to my attention. Generally, if it\'s affecting many users\' ability to crunch, then it\'s post-worthy.




Appropriate things to post:
-Greater than 90% of my results are invalid.
-I can\'t communicate with the server even though there haven\'t been any posts about downtime.
-There is a post on the forum that severely violates the rules.
-I was walking around the UIUC campus and I happened to notice that your office is on fire.

Inappropriate things to post:
-One of my results was invalidated.
-The server is down, but I haven\'t checked the announcements thread to see if that\'s the way it\'s supposed to be.
-Somebody was mean to me on the forums.
-I just set your office on fire. Take THAT, Cosmo-TYRANT!

Lets discuss the term urgency for a moment......if a post fits the criteria does it not deserve a response based on the initial parameters in a timely manner?More than a week,never or on the frontpage is not timely.

At the current level of project response I propose we unsticky and lock this thread and the associated discussion thread as it has repeatedly violated the rules as stated above and in general rules.

The discussion thread does not work at all. It is not natural for people to post to a thread , get a response,and then go \"Oh...I am discussing this problem now...need to go to the discussion thread\". This means a mod has to move tons of posts at once (especially fun with server problems)which makes this thread a lot of extra work when there is no urgency applied on the initial problem.So we mods waste hours doing this while the intent of not having to sift through numerous posts by admin has no admin responding to the original problem. Thats all these threads do is severely inflame people at the corresponding lack of response and just makes the Cosmods job more difficult,so I am requesting this as being urgent.

Even though I have the power to do so I am requesting admin or foundership blessing 1st.

In conclusion these 2 threads remind me of the Pink Floyd song \"Comfortably Numb\"..... is there anyone out there....is there anyone listening....just nod if you can hear me......is there anyone at all?

Thank-you for your consideration...

Respectful Regards-Cosmod Jeff

Note: I may edit this post at will.
18) Forums : Technical Support : cant get any new work??? (Message 6658)
Posted 20 Jul 2008 by Profile Jayargh
HQ has a communication problem ....no new news til further notice (Scott drops in and posts)-Jeff

...and Scott has posted somewhere that he\'s about done with school.

It seems like this project may end up like Predictor after the move, i.e. a project without available resources that may send \"test\" tasks out every now and then while they\'re testing different theories...

Brian-You still have to have hope dude....admin\'s come and go in the life(or death) of a project.....cheer up there may be better days ahead especially when the Plank data comes in :)
19) Forums : Technical Support : cant get any new work??? (Message 6656)
Posted 20 Jul 2008 by Profile Jayargh
All dry over my way, keep getting the same old message:

\"My BOINC Manager\" wrote:
20/07/2008 22:52:22|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: No work sent

There seems to be plenty of work, so why isn\'t it being sent out?.... has Scott done an App. update by any chance? If so, maybe he\'s doing some housekeeping to get rid of old resends before he releases the new app/WUs??

Hey Jeff, you getting any info from HQ??

Hey Seejay :) HQ has a communication problem ....no new news til further notice (Scott drops in and posts)-Jeff
20) Forums : Technical Support : cant get any new work??? (Message 6653)
Posted 20 Jul 2008 by Profile Jayargh
Ah well... it was a thought. :\\

I have them so rarely, I got excited. ;)

Everything I\'ve gotten for 3 days has ended in _2 and when I looked, every time they were created (and issued to me) very shortly (about 1 hour, I think) after the deadline of another task in the WU.

Well ya\'ll are still on to something as the resends are about 80% of what I get....Scott did say something about shutting off the work generator for a few days last week.......we all know that if something is changed server side it takes a long time to get it changed back to where it works right again....a day turns into a week ...a week turns into a month....

Scott also said we are going back to longer tasks soon (whatever that means...week? ...month? )

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