1) Forums : General Topics : Poll: Do you think you're getting enough credits? (Message 3068)
Posted 3 Oct 2007 by Profile gravitysmith

You must be new to DC if you think most users are in it for the science, and not the credit.

Personally I am in it for both! The science attracts me to a particular project, and the credits keep me motivated after the initial new-ness wears off. My resource share is set largely by science but also partly by credits. I would venture to guess that there is a whole spectrum of users who stay with DC for both reasons, and the only thing that differs is the percentage weight given to credits vs science.

2) Forums : Announcements : New Website Design, Part Deux (Message 2520)
Posted 6 Sep 2007 by Profile gravitysmith
Looks great on this end!

If you really are out to make it perfect, you can run it through an HTML validator and CSS validator. Most of the issues look pretty minor. Although fixing all the problems would be ideal, the only one I would highly recommend correcting is the rss feed validation error. It appears the link in the <copyright> section is throwing fits.

Overall, I say "congratulations" on the good work! I really like the new design.


[edit] Oops. I just re-read the main post and see that not everything is expected to be working yet. In that case, you can save my comments for the next round of revisions. :-) Everything looks good, Scott.