1) Forums : Technical Support : VM Hypervisor (Message 21298)
Posted 4 Feb 2017 by Nvgnte
Hi, m8s...

I had the same problem, but installing latest VirtualMachine from Oracle site seems to solved it!

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Posted 29 Apr 2009 by Nvgnte
3) Forums : Technical Support : Is that a bug? (Message 3119)
Posted 4 Oct 2007 by Nvgnte
Hmm, it does work for me, too, on WinXP ie7
4) Forums : Technical Support : Cosmo staying in memory while no work (Message 3118)
Posted 4 Oct 2007 by Nvgnte
I did notice it some time ago, too, with WinXP, Boinc 5.10.20, and there were *several* instances of camb in memory (at least four)!

I have the boinc option to keep applications on memory while suspended, so my guess is camb cannot communicate with boinc (a camb or a wrapper problem) when WU ends, so boinc keeps the app on memory
5) Forums : General Topics : Poll: Do you think you're getting enough credits? (Message 3058)
Posted 2 Oct 2007 by Nvgnte
I'm sure ppl who joined the project on the first month (ATAs and some fortunate guys as myself) didn't do it for credit, m8 - at that time credit was indeed *lower* than boinc average (even half on some platforms) :roll:

I believe this project is interesting enough to be crunched for science also... and think about what Scott just said - the credit you earned here (or anywhere else) won't last forever, but the results our computers achieve will serve to cosmology science, maybe proving some theories, maybe creating new unansered questions

Think about this... if ppl want credit, they buy some Quad-core, some PS3 (or borrow them to friends) and in a couple of months they stand on top-5000 - and then... what? they keep on crunching just for staying there, *bored* as they are not attracted by the science they're doing, looking their position everyday on charts...? and in two years? in five?

Nah, credits are fun, also... but if ppl are not attracted for anything more than simple positions in a chart, I bet they will soon bored and through all this stuff away
6) Forums : General Topics : spam users registered (Message 3055)
Posted 2 Oct 2007 by Nvgnte
correct me if I'm wrong those of you (well, lets face it that's most of you!) more knowledgeable than me :)

Hmm, well, I'm not one of those erudite guys, but... after a close look and a very deep investigation, I have to admit they seem to be *spam* :-D
7) Forums : Announcements : New Website Design, Part Deux (Message 2859)
Posted 19 Sep 2007 by Nvgnte
Hmm, I don't know if it's intentional or not, but the invitation code does not appear anymore on the "join_alpha" accept link

Thanks for the new look, Scott (and ppl behind ;)The "change width" button works great, BTW
8) Forums : Wish list : Sum of Pending Credit (Message 2735)
Posted 15 Sep 2007 by Nvgnte
Yup... and not much projects have it, unfortunately
9) Forums : Wish list : Link frame at top for accessing site areas. (Message 2734)
Posted 15 Sep 2007 by Nvgnte
Don't be hesitant... part of the work we do as alpha testers is to bring new ideas or point out something which could be forgotten on the developping proccess ;)
10) Forums : Wish list : Link frame at top for accessing site areas. (Message 2721)
Posted 14 Sep 2007 by Nvgnte
Part of what you wish is being tested right now - see here ;)
11) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Discussion Thread (Message 2678)
Posted 12 Sep 2007 by Nvgnte
One of my crunchers (P4-1800 MHz, WinXP, Boinc 5.10.20) is almost done with this one with no problems at all

However, one WU dl a couple hours ago on another PC (laptop, P4-2400, XP, 5.10.20) 976484 crashed as reported earlier

EDIT: In fact, JRenkar did crunch successfully the first one :)
12) Forums : Wish list : Any graphics planned? (Message 2444)
Posted 30 Aug 2007 by Nvgnte
would you try to do the graphic in the beta stage or wait until the final stage?

Hehe, give him a couple of weeks ;)
13) Forums : Technical Support : Detach problem (Message 2438)
Posted 29 Aug 2007 by Nvgnte
Hehe, same issue is being discussing on the BoincStats shoutbox, but this time about Einstein@home
14) Forums : Technical Support : Checkpointing Issues in CAMB (Message 2431)
Posted 28 Aug 2007 by Nvgnte
FYI, I've never seen CAMB freeze up, personally.

AFAIK, no ATA here has posted such problem - we wonder about it when this "unusual" checkpoint was implemented, but things have gone smoothly since then ;)
15) Forums : Technical Support : Detach problem (Message 2424)
Posted 28 Aug 2007 by Nvgnte
Yup, if you attached through BoincManager itself, BAM does not know it... therefore, when boinc connects to BAM, BAM tells it to detach as it thinks you're not attached

It's not a problem related to this project specifically, but to the way BAM (and the user) manages the db projects on your boincmanager
16) Forums : Technical Support : Pending Because Work Unit Remains "Unsent" (Message 2417)
Posted 27 Aug 2007 by Nvgnte
I'll work on implementing some simple graphics and such.

Excellent news! Thanks. More important to me is the results returned so far, are they viable ?

Graphics will be used mostly to get more users to project, but don't forget the balance between them and application performance... after all, you'll only see the screensaver a couple of minutes
BTW, if you are already thinking on graphics, then it means the project development goes really fine so far - congratulations ;)

We are using indeed real data for the CAMB application, but I guess right now most important is getting the app out of alpha stage and check results are consistent - I suppose someone on Ben's group will check them :roll:
17) Forums : Technical Support : No Work From Project- All Platforms (Message 2309)
Posted 25 Aug 2007 by Nvgnte
This WU -
also still not re-sent.
No P4s out there?

My P4 is still recieving WUs as usual (just got one at 9:52 UTC)
However, my laptop (another P4) has been answered by that annoying *no work from project* message... which is a bit strange
18) Forums : Wish list : OSX (Message 2246)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Nvgnte
Great, Scott - thanks :)
19) Forums : Technical Support : WU Resend/Pending Question (Message 2164)
Posted 21 Aug 2007 by Nvgnte
It all ends on the truth that we are so few ppl to support with redundance all the different machines attached to these project... so now if you stop the WU generator, those pendings WUs will end crunched, while ppl with "common platforms" won't have any more WUs to cruch during the time you need to reduce the pending - Besides, if you do as you've said, the same problem will happen after a few weeks

So, IMHO Scott should either open register accounts freely until we got enough different platforms, either (a bit more work) check what platforms have the greatest pending and just open new registration for them...

... until we'll go open beta ;)
20) Forums : Technical Support : WU Resend/Pending Question (Message 2136)
Posted 19 Aug 2007 by Nvgnte
I noticed the French reduction. In fact many of my pending WUs had been sent to their team members. Any idea why they jumped ship?

The French Team is a very Strong Team and they are involved in a lot of the other BOINC Projects if not all of them. I guess they did what they wanted to do here and moved on, but they more than likely will be back in full force some where down the road I suspect ...

I know how strong they are as a team. I was just wondering if they had called the on the troops to make a big push at another project

Hehe, not yet ;)

Indeed (same as BoincSynergy, BTW) we are present on a lot of projects, and lately we love that SIMAP bunch of WUs - maybe it's because of this we're dropping... maybe because of the hottie summer :)

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