1) Forums : Technical Support : All camb_boinc2docker work units run (Message 23020)
Posted 21 Apr 2022 by [SG] Felix
I am not sure, whether the vbox Version is the problem here, as I am using V 6.1.26.
A common Problem with to high vbox version is a message like "vbox unmanageable". This can be fixed with changing the vboxwrapper.
2) Forums : Wish list : Upgrading vboxwrapper (Message 23010)
Posted 15 Apr 2022 by [SG] Felix
Good evening from Germany.

A big wish from my side would be to upgrade the vboxwrapper, which is provided with your tasks.

There is a known problem with this old wrapper, when using vbox version 6.x.
Sometimes tasks get the status waiting, vm job unmanageable. At some point, the usually start working again, but this can take days.
By upgrading the wrapper version to 26203 for windows, the problem is solved.
Please look here:https://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/VboxApps#Premadevboxwrapperexecutables