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Posted 30 Dec 2007 by Profile [AF>EDLS>Physique] Pas93
this would be good
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Posted 28 Dec 2007 by Profile [AF>EDLS>Physique] Pas93
Ok, and thank you for the information
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Posted 27 Dec 2007 by Profile [AF>EDLS>Physique] Pas93
We are figuring out that more and more people own a PS3, but the lack of compatible projects (only 2 available, \"PS3GRID and Yoyo@home) is limiting the installation of the BOINC Paltform on them. I would be interesting that you develop an application for Linux PowerPC and so could take advantage of an enormous computing power that will be raising with time to reach, we hope, the PetaFlops. That was possible for Folding@home so why not for BOINC.