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Posted 22 Feb 2012 by Profile m.mitch
I have the same problem as the above poster. It seems there is a problem with the database.
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Posted 15 Jul 2008 by Profile m.mitch
15/07/2008 5:49:16 PM|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: Server can\'t open log file (../log_darkmatter/scheduler.log)

Me too, have been for a few days now. :-(

Crunching backups in the mean time - unfortunately about 18 projects are having trouble.
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Posted 15 Mar 2008 by Profile m.mitch
100% failure rate for all volunteers, can someone give the server a kick in the guts (reboot) please?

PS: I just set your office on fire.
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Posted 18 Oct 2007 by Profile m.mitch
By any measure Aussie Assault 9 (AA9) on QMC has been a fantastic success!!

Even though AA9 is officially over, the team has just passed 10 million credits in QMC, the last 5 million all in the last 18 days. That is an enormous amount of science crunched.

The team's daily output should have started winding down to about double its pre-AA levels, about 50,000 a day, but we are still seeing around 250,000 a day. Not to bad for QMC.

It should start to drop in the next week or so but the project has caught the interest of many BOINC@AUSTRALIA members. That's another great side affect of the AA's.

The next event starts on 1 December 2007.