1) Forums : General Topics : Boinc User Of The Day (Message 8809)
Posted 6 Jan 2010 by Profile TheHarperdragon
Could someone please explain to me the criteria for being chosen UOTD?
I was under the impression that individuals and groups who were actively participating were chosen.
2) Forums : Technical Support : Project has no jobs available (Message 8701)
Posted 15 Nov 2009 by Profile TheHarperdragon
I haven't gotten anything for a few days -- and have about a dozen units sitting in limbo waiting to be validated.
Shifting everything over to WCG until (if) this gets sorted out - frustrating.
3) Forums : Technical Support : Memory workload (Message 8391)
Posted 31 May 2009 by Profile TheHarperdragon
The worst of the problem is that as I am (was - taking a break for the moment) running two work units, if I had
not increased my ram to 4 Gb, my computer started to slow down drastically. My
3 other crunchers run only BOINC, so it isn't a problem there. It just seems to me that the amount of memory that these calculations use are a little (lot) excessive in relation to other projects out there.
And yet Cosmology is one of my favorite projects to run .... go figure
4) Forums : Technical Support : Memory workload (Message 8378)
Posted 29 May 2009 by Profile TheHarperdragon
Why is it that Cosmology work units are using anywhere from 6 to 10 times as much memory as any other BOINC project? I'm running this on 4 different systems, all dual core or better, and this problem is consistent across the board.