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Posted 8 Jun 2011 by Jazzop
I cannot run CAH on my workstation at the office because the firewall blocks the CAH domain because it is classified as a "gaming" site. I cannot even pull up this webpage in a browser for the same reason. We use iPrism (hardware filter by St. Bernard) to block pretty much any website that might be remotely interesting or useful. Modifying the permissions on our end is not an option for me.

This is the only BOINC project that is blocked in this way. If I want to upload/download WUs, I have to physically disconnect the ethernet cable and connect to our wireless network, which is outside the domain/DMZ.

Since the device relies on a URL classification database maintained at St. Bernard, could someone from CAH contact St. Bernard directly to get the URL reclassified under something like "science/academic"?