1) Forums : General Topics : camb_boinc2docker vs planck_param_sims (Message 21308)
Posted 7 Feb 2017 by Yavanius
You're right, this really should be added to the FAQ. For now, I can point you to this post that explains the planck_param_sims jobs. Note that we may run a few more batches of these jobs in the future, but mostly we'll be running camb_boinc2docker jobs.

Yes, that's what I saying the planck is explained but not a whole lot of info on the docker. You got this great explanation for the one that is moving to the background and not a whole lot on the one getting all the activity...

Sort of like promoting one your products, but you hardly got any of those and nobody is interested in your other product which you have lots of but aren't interested because you didn't promote it...
2) Forums : General Topics : 450 Credits for 15.5 hours? (Message 21307)
Posted 7 Feb 2017 by Yavanius
450 credits (rounding off) for 15.5 hours. That's rather low. 29 credits an hour? That's more on par with Android clients. Actually, I think I get that in less time than that on Android.
3) Forums : General Topics : camb_boinc2docker vs planck_param_sims (Message 21304)
Posted 6 Feb 2017 by Yavanius
There doesn't seem to be anything that really explains the difference between camb_boinc2docker and planck_param_sims...

I know both utilize VBox and apparently planck is related to Planck data/simulations and I read about the docker, but what's running on the docker??

Would someone illuminate me on the difference between those and a suggestion to add it to the FAQs.


4) Forums : Wish list : Cosmology@Home for Android devices (Message 21303)
Posted 6 Feb 2017 by Yavanius
I figure the newer clients might be tough to port over, but if you keep the legacy app going, maybe at some point it could be ported over in some form. SETI and Asteroids take a good chunk of time on Droid, even on the more powerful devices, but folks seem to like it none-the-less.

On the negative side though, it seems PIE causes a lot of headaches and heartburn... but if you can get past that...
5) Forums : Technical Support : Community (Forum) Preferences Update results in errors (Message 21286)
Posted 22 Jan 2017 by Yavanius
Community (Forum) Preferences Update results in errors, however it seems that the changes do take effect.

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6) Forums : Wish list : Cosmology@Home for Android devices (Message 21285)
Posted 22 Jan 2017 by Yavanius

Thanks for the interest. Unfortunately we don't currently have Android support planned. The reason is simply that we don't have the man-power to support another platform.

With the relaunch, any chance of Droid support coming?


7) Forums : General Topics : BOINC transitioning to a Community Based Governance (Message 20261)
Posted 12 Jul 2015 by Yavanius
BOINC transitioning to a Community Based Governance...

David Anderson wrote:

BOINC's funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation has ended, at least for the time being.
This funding supported me, Rom Walton, and Charlie Fenton.
We're now working on other things, although we'll stay involved in BOINC at some level.

The BOINC project will continue, and will be run according to a community-based model rather than centrally.
In essence, the people who contribute to BOINC now make the decisions about it.

This model is summarized here: http://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/ProjectGovernance
and described in detail here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C6pU5RqidYBxk9oyAevm1yH1tn4Hw27oM8YpvsnR-gg

There will probably be little visible change.
The BOINC software will continue to work.
The translation system, Alpha testing project, BOINC web site,message boards, and email lists will continue to operate.
However, any new development and major bug fixes to BOINC will need to be done by volunteer programmers.
I'm confident that the BOINC community will meet the challenge.

I welcome your feedback.
Please post it to boinc_admin@googlegroups.com, a new email list for discussions about the BOINC project as a whole.

-- David