1) Forums : General Topics : Download error. (Message 8520)
Posted 14 Aug 2009 by Dataman
I stopped running this project a bit ago because of the download problems. I thought I would try again and put a couple of cores on it. Now I find that the DL errors are even greater and now there are large memory problems. I must conclude that if the project admin's do not care about the project, why should I? So I am moving the cores back to Milkyway. Too bad actually. Cheers!
2) Forums : Technical Support : Feedback on Cosmology Re-Start (Message 7475)
Posted 18 Oct 2008 by Dataman
I was under the impression this project was re-starting in production mode. Is there any target date from which there will be steady work? Else I will need to move the resources I have here to other projects. Thanks and good luck!!