1) Forums : Technical Support : starving quad core! (Message 7725)
Posted 19 Dec 2008 by Profile Mary
I have two quad core machines both running Climate prediction and Cosmology at home. BOINC does not seem to recognise that I want to share between the two and at best I can only have one Cosmology at home running, with 3 Climate Predictions.
What settings do I have to do to convince it to download more Cosmology at home.

Here\'s the cheap workaround that I always use. Set all your projects to no new tasks except for Cosmology. If you want Cosmology WU\'s right away, slowly start suspending your CDPN tasks one at a time until your computer sends out a request for Cosmology WU\'s (it usually only takes suspending one CDPN task to do the job). If you are willing to wait, let the CDPN tasks finish up on their own and your computer will start sending out calls for Cosmology work (this may take a while with CDPN tasks, though). Crunch away. This method works whenever you want to focus only on certain projects and let others idle for the moment (such as if you want to participate in a primegrid challenge). There are probably numerous solutions out there, but I find this one to be the easiest.

~ Mary :)
2) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Thread (Message 7723)
Posted 19 Dec 2008 by Profile Mary
Same downloading issue here:


All have been cancelled due to too many error results, all are CAMB 2.15.

Any suggestions?

Yeah, I just hit one of those faulty-download WU\'s too. Every so often we get bombarded by a batch of bad WU\'s. At least they\'re erroring out right away instead of getting stuck at around 19% downloaded this time. Just keep trying. Eventually you\'ll get ahold of some normal WU\'s. My computer grabbed 2 WU\'s that were just fine right after it happened. I wouldn\'t worry about it too much since this seems to happen on a pretty regular basis.
3) Forums : General Topics : Holidays and Special Occasions (Message 7680)
Posted 1 Dec 2008 by Profile Mary
Belated Happy Thanksgiving back at ya. I have enough turkey left over to last until next Thanksgiving, though...
4) Forums : Technical Support : download of params_101908_003016_0.ini failed since 2 days ? (Message 7679)
Posted 1 Dec 2008 by Profile Mary
Downloading errors again:

[color=white]Cosmology@Home	30.11.2008 12:14:29	[file_xfer] Temporarily failed download of params_111908_050808_0.ini: file not found[/color]

Permission problems again?

BTW, why ist this website so f...in slow? Everytime I open a long thread I have to wait nearly a minute for those little icons (heads) to complete. Sometimes my IE is crashing, even if I open the start page of cosmology. Works as designed? OK, change your design then!

I\'ve never had any issues with this website being slow (when the server hasn\'t crashed, that is). The trick is to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer (IE). When there are a lot of posts IE can get locked up while trying to load the images which slows down the whole page, but Firefox doesn\'t have this problem. That\'s why I switched over.