1) Forums : General Topics : Deja Vu all over again. (Message 1792)
Posted 7 Aug 2007 by AMDave
Run! Get out while you still can. You should see the rest of us after a few projects. Red eyes, shaking hands holding a plastic cup of coffee. Full ashtrays spilling over on the desk, into the keyboard and on the floor. Stacks of empty pizza boxes. And then there are the nights. Waking up crying ten times a night, after yet another nightmare about a work unit that crashed. It's no life... it's no life...

Kidding. Welcome to the ATA crew.

Heh. Yeah, pretend like we don't really live this way!
You know it is true.
We know our destiny :D

(excellent anecdote btw)
2) Forums : Technical Support : can't attach shared memory (Message 1053)
Posted 16 Jul 2007 by AMDave
Got it too in 5.9.4 on Win2K smp

...Thats a new one, ...

It does not appear in the unofficial Wiki yet.