1) Message boards : Technical Support : too many normally harmless exit(s) errors (Message 7880)
Posted 2352 days ago by STE\/E [BlackOpsTeam]
Had a couple WU\'s error out here with camb 1.04 showing that message.
2) Message boards : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Thread (Message 7137)
Posted 2532 days ago by STE\/E [BlackOpsTeam]
I think I heard the Whistle blow Angus, your 1/2 hour Yard time is up for today, back to your cell now like a good little boy before the Guards have to get rough with you ... ;)
3) Message boards : General Topics : Cosmology@Home credit discussion (Message 7069)
Posted 2542 days ago by STE\/E [BlackOpsTeam]
Credit has always been acceptable to generous here at Cosmo in spite of what some people believe. Participants and their hosts are \"leaving\" because they (like me) think the project is out of control and mired with problems that cause \"no work sent\" and \"there was work but for other platforms\" messages. Some are content to let their BOINC message logs fill up with these messages but I choose to suspend until the problems are fixed. Anyone seen OhioMike lately, a long time contributor now aloof?

I agree with that pretty much, I do feel the Credit has been cut to far though & needs a little adjustment upwards of around 20% - 25% ... Although it was nice the Credit had to be adjusted downward here at Cosmo to satisfy the Cross Parity people. It\'s being done at other Projects too so people may as well get used to it because it is what it is as the saying goes ... :)

I think OhioMike just got feed up with the Project and moved on as many people have. His Account Data Page shows a little activity at Einstein but other than that he\'s dormant @ the BOINC Projects. He could be running some of the DC Projects instead though ... :)
4) Message boards : Technical Support : Result not needed? (Message 7000)
Posted 2549 days ago by STE\/E [BlackOpsTeam]
Your @ the Cosmology Project, that should explain it all really ... ;)

Actually it probably has something to do with this Post made by the Project on the 9\'th of Aug ...

August 9, 2008 Old WUs cancalled and feeder code modified
Workunits created over two weeks ago have been piling up, so we\'ve made a small change to the feeder code and cancelled the offending WUs.

Your Wu\'s got Canceled because they were Offending the Project if I read that Post right ... LOL
5) Message boards : Technical Support : Some information on cosmology@home (Message 6995)
Posted 2549 days ago by STE\/E [BlackOpsTeam]
We are also looking for a new person to continue the web development and screen saver graphics, since our very talented graphics designer (an Illinois alumnus) left to work in Hollywood (it was only a question of time...)

Hehe! Lets hope people like black and white movies ;) Comments about the \'new\' website have been well made in another thread.


LOL ... Being a older Participant I can\'t use the New Web Site & rely on the older one exclusively, why, well to be perfectly blunt & believe it or not it actually hurts my eyes to look at it.

That plus the fact to me it\'s got to be one of the ugliest Web Site Designs on the Internet, it\'s way to gloomy, dark, & foreboding looking for something trying to attract a lot of mostly cheerful if treated right people to run their Project ... :)
6) Message boards : Technical Support : cant get any new work??? (Message 6979)
Posted 2550 days ago by STE\/E [BlackOpsTeam]
well the work started flowing again but looking at the wu\'s sent I see that almost all already have reported results that the server says it does not need. Also when I detached the server does not report this in my account page it still thinks I have tasks . I really have no idea what is going on. So all I can do is come back at a later date.

Good luck see you all around the bend

See ya APoch, Rumour has it 2018 might be a good year to try again ... hahahaha ... j/k ... come back when you get ready to. Personally I set all my Box\'s to NNW some time ago, I don\'t want them to set idle and this Project just wasn\'t supplying them with work or credit for the ones I did do so I went were I can get both.

I\'ll run the Project again myself but not until things get back to normal and who knows when that will be, for now it doesn\'t look good so I\'ll stay at NNW for the immediate future ... Cheers
7) Message boards : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Thread (Message 6957)
Posted 2551 days ago by STE\/E [BlackOpsTeam]
Peace ... :)
8) Message boards : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Thread (Message 6955)
Posted 2551 days ago by STE\/E [BlackOpsTeam]
. Just so you can sleep Poorboy I have turned that client off for the moment so I will not be waisting server time and electricity.

I already knew that because my Lights got a little brighter when you did ... :)

Your right in that it is your business and prerogative what Project you run, but the continual if you don\'t want poor little ole me & my lonely out of work computer Drama Queen Act really doesn\'t go over well after awhile so I\'d cut that out of your repertory for now since nobody at the project is probably paying much attention anyway.

9) Message boards : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Thread (Message 6952)
Posted 2552 days ago by STE\/E [BlackOpsTeam]
ill trying to get some work for this machine. It has been idle for almost 12 hours, if it is not needed here I wish some one would say so.

Since you seem to have a Money Tree out back by letting your Box sit Idle for 12 hours rather than Attach to another project that actually might send you some work could you cut some off that Tree and send it to me ... ???

You know (I\'m sure you do) that there are probably close to 70+ other Projects that will send work to you if you Attach to some of them rather than waste Electricity waiting for work from this really smooth running Project.

Oh, I know what it is, your just so Dedicated to this Project that you can\'t bear the thought of wasting some of your precious CPU Cycles on another Project ... LOL ... I haven\'t seen a Project started yet that deserved that kind of Dedication, especially one that has turned it\'s back on it\'s Participants like this one has ... :)
10) Message boards : Technical Support : No Credit Granted (Message 6946)
Posted 2552 days ago by STE\/E [BlackOpsTeam]

I agree & have no problem with the Credits here, like I said in another Post it\'s their Project & their my Computers & we can each do what we please with them ... :)

LOL... let me guess... your RAC here will experience a rapid nosedive :P

hahaha ... Like it hasn\'t already ... :P

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