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Posted 17 Jun 2022 by Profile Coleslaw
Also, since you have 2 GPU's in your system (nVidia card and AMD APU in the processor) you can either crunch work units on both or you can use one for your general use and dedicate the other to crunching. The reason this is to be considered is because if your system is dragging to a crawl doing certain tasks while BOINC is running, it could be due to work being ran on the GPU's while you are using it. What you can do is edit the cc_config file to limit BOINC to only using one GPU of your choice. I can help with that too if you need.
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Posted 17 Jun 2022 by Profile Coleslaw
I wouldn't know how to tell. I know there were times there were no WUs for any project except Cosmology. I also reject Milky Way units that use more than 1 CPU.

Are you saying you don't know how to tell if your GPU's are being used? If so, that is simple. Just look at the work units in the BOINC client (Advanced View) and under the Status category it will state that it is using x CPU and 1 GPU if it is using the GPU. Just like if it is mutli-threaded, it will say using X CPU's.

When you say you reject Milky Way units that use more than one CPU, are you stating you abort them or what? You can actually make an app_config file to limit the number of threads to use per work unit if you need. I may be able to help with that. Let me know.

You can also edit your project preferences at Milkyway (log into your account there) to NOT use the GPU or the CPU if you aren't wanting to use it. The GPU's will use more electricity but you will find they finish work TONS faster. Many don't think running the CPU work units are worth the time and electricity.

As far as not having any work units available, WCG typically has an endless supply. This isn't typical for them. Just be patient with them. Milkyway sometimes runs out but its not often. Cosmology runs out often. Cosmology seems to have infinite work to do. However, it also depends on where you are looking to come to this conclusion. BOINC Manager will try and keep tallies of how much time you give to each project. It will then try and balance that. So, sometimes you will only run one or a few projects and sometimes you will have work from several. In the end, it balances out. So, like right now since WCG is down, it is creating a deficit that is owed to them. When they come back up, you will probably find your client focusing on just them on CPU for a while and then whatever you have going for GPU's.
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Posted 12 Jun 2022 by Profile Coleslaw
Well, Milkyway is multi-threaded and therefore is using multiple CPU's to complete the work units. Therefore you are giving each work unit more resources there than you are here in such a short amount of time.

ClimatePrediction doesn't have consistent work either but yes they have a 1 year deadline even though you will find that they don't really give you a year....

WCG has work units that have smaller runtimes. At least when they have work available. So, you are seeing exactly what I told you needed to be done for your situation.

If you aren't going to leave the computer on for significant amounts of time, then there are just some projects that aren't for you. You really aren't contributing all that much run time in the grand scheme of things. You happen to be one of the few that really isn't worth all that much to a project because you don't return much work. Considering most people return their work units without problems easily within the deadlines it really is a You issue. Thus, you should stick to projects with smaller work units, those with crazy deadlines, or in the case of milkyway multi-threaded work.

Edit: And I'm assuming Milkyway was on CPU only with the above. Realistically, you are probably running that on your GPU's. If both GPU's are running, then you are probably using 2 of the 3 CPU threads you gave BOINC to feed both GPU's. That would then leave Cosmology with one full thread and then maybe a partial thread. Depending on how the client is handling things, the GPU work units could also be pushing those Cosmology work units to the back until they get really close to the deadline. But depending on how it has "learned" your computing behavior, it may be miscalculating how much time it needs. Can you tell us if you are using one or both GPU's? What happens when you don't run GPU's for the full deadline of the Cosmology work units? This may still just be mismanaging your resources.
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Posted 10 Jun 2022 by Profile Coleslaw
Looking at your computer here - http://www.cosmologyathome.org/show_host_detail.php?hostid=393811
It appears that you only have 16GB of RAM total for the system. 6GB of that appears to be reserved for the APU (integrated Graphics in the processor) which is far better performer than your nVidia GT 710 card you also have in the box. That leaves roughly 10GB RAM for the rest of the computer to use for everything it does including BOINC.

Why is this important? Well some GPU projects (many really) will want a full CPU dedicated to each GPU work unit you run. Especially AMD cards. But if you tell BOINC to use 100% of CPU's, then it will try and load up 8 CPU work units plus the 2 GPU's as well. They will then have to wait for CPU resources to open up slowing your work units down as well. Factor in that if you are trying to use your system while all of this is going on, resources will have to constantly switch between priorities. Thus your "other" activities may have to wait on BOINC to finish what it was doing to let go of the resources because your overall system may be over committed.

From those specs, we don't know if your system has a SSD HDD or a traditional mechanical "spinner" HDD. This will make a huge difference in how responsive your system gets. Remember...some project write to the HDD a TON and other do not. This can severely effect the responsiveness of your system. And that can also cause the system to not be able to fully utilize its other resources until the slowest component catches up. But since you didn't know what the term "cache" was really meaning, I have a feeling a lot of this stuff is over your head as well. It isn't as simple as having "free CPU resources". There is a balance to the whole PC. Every project has different needs and will behave different. So, until we have a better idea what you are doing with it....we can only make assumptions.
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Posted 10 Jun 2022 by Profile Coleslaw
No, you are unreasonable. I understand your issue with limited income. That is a you problem not a project problem. You may just need to support a different project. And I don't know what you are doing that these work units are causing your system to slow down. But learning the settings is the first thing you should be doing. As stated above, you can reduce the number of work units your system is running by reducing the % of CPU's you allow BOINC to utilize. I'm doubting your system really needs all of the CPU cores/threads for general use. If I can game with lesser computers while letting BOINC run, then you should be able to as well. I'm seeing that you have multiple GPU's on that rig but none are all that powerful. You have NOT told us what other projects you are running and if they are utilizing your GPU's. If they are, there is a good possibility the GPU work is slowing your system down and that is easy to solve as well. Being that this computer of yours is only a Quad core with 8 threads, it certainly isn't going to be top notch for anything beyond general web browsing. It should still be capable of completing work if you aren't holding it back. The biggest changes that need to be done is to allow it to run. If you cannot afford to allow it to run, again you should consider a project with shorter work units or longer deadlines to meet YOUR needs.

When you say "It's supposed to use unused computer power, not take away from other things." that is exactly what it is doing. That isn't the problem here. The problem is that you don't have any unused computer power that is reasonable for this project because you shut your systems down or put them to sleep.
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Posted 9 Jun 2022 by Profile Coleslaw
I don't understand a lot of that stuff. I do have my computer sleep when I'm not on to avoid a giant electric bill and suspend when I play games that use a lot of data. Most people only have 1 computer for the things they do online, games, etc. Not too many rich enough to have a dedicated computer just for BOINC. I still have 2 hours left on one due 5/25. I don't allow more than 2 from the same project other than WCD (which has been down some time) due to it slows everything else down. 13 hours for one due 6/20 (but it is usually much longer than it says) and 14 for suspended due 6/21. Have a Milkyway also running but only 2 hours left. When it says 13 hours it does not proceed at nearly real time so it's more like 130 hours.

Actually, a TON of people can afford a dedicated computer to run BOINC on. Maybe not in your circle but in general many do. With so much computing hardware in the world today and the amount that is just tossed aside it is very easy to come by in many countries. The cost of electricity will vary quite a bit. Household incomes will as well. So, whether your budget allows for a computer to run 24/7 is the ultimate question. I'm unemployed and still run several servers in my home. I'm blessed with a lower electric rate. At least for now. However, the equation is simple. If your computer is off, it isn't going to process work. The deadlines are way longer than they need to be for the majority that support BOINC projects. It is you that is limiting it and making it not complete on time. You don't need a $5000 computer like you alluded to in your original post. A 10-15 year old PC can still complete these tasks with plenty of time. What needs to be adjusted is how you run them if you wish to support the project. These lengths are not unreasonable for a project.
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Posted 6 Jun 2022 by Profile Coleslaw
Not sure what you are talking about. Your system should be more than capable of completing the work units well within deadlines. You have NOT described how you are running your system nor your settings. So, we can only assume you are shutting your system off for long periods of time. This is a user problem. Not a computer nor a project problem. I have much weaker systems than yours that complete work units well within deadlines. Try asking for help while providing more details of your situation so that not only us but potentially an admin can better address your issue.
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Posted 25 Feb 2019 by Profile Coleslaw
The 3 boxes that I upgraded to vbox v.6 all fail. Most likely needs an updated vbox wrapper like in previous versions. Marius can you confirm?
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Posted 20 Jul 2018 by Profile Coleslaw
Thanks for info.
But because legacy WU validator is off, you exclude a lot of people to participate at the sprint on Formula !!!
In fact you exclude all who do not want (or can not) install Virtual box !

I do apologize for that, but at the same time there's not much I can do when the sprint chose to run C@H despite that we had had a notice up for a few weeks stating that camb_legacy was currently broken.

Thanks anyways Marius. You now see part of the frustration many of us have with the admin of Formula-BOINC.
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Posted 19 Jul 2018 by Profile Coleslaw
Yeah cause F1 runs on equal ground when every car ends up a lap down except for the top 3 teams. And when the leader can lose 160HP and still no one can pass him.

If projects don't want to participate they can ask to not be included. FB is NOT NEW. It's been running for over a decade.

Another way of looking at it is that projects should be asked if they wanted to be included in the first place... Some projects know they cannot handle the extra attention without notice or with super short notice. It is a sign of respect to approach them first.
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Posted 5 May 2017 by Profile Coleslaw
mmonnin, are you disabling your network adapter or are you disabling network transfer from within the clients themselves?

And these were Linux boxes right?
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Posted 30 Apr 2017 by Profile Coleslaw
All apps are allowed for the Marathon event of the Pentathlon. Only Planck work units will qualify you to be up for the running to be included in the paper that may get published.
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Posted 2 Nov 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
Thanks for the idea, but whatever it was "waiting" for seems to have resolved itself without any changes. CAMB 2.16 Status now "Running" at 94.746% on Win10 with hundreds of GB more than necessary, at 50% in use & 90% idle.

When you say hundreds of GB more than necessary, are you talking Hard Drive space (virtual memory) or are you referencing RAM? The settings we are talking about are for RAM in this case. I don't believe the BOINC settings for memory are looking at virtual memory. I could be wrong though.
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Posted 25 Oct 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
To be fair, this project has had this download problem since its beginning days. Not saying it is the same exact issue now that the server was updated, but it has been an ongoing problem since pretty much day one.

Edit: My post from a year ago here http://www.cosmologyathome.org/forum_thread.php?id=865&postid=13710
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Posted 20 Oct 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
What are the memory settings you have set in BOINC manager? Under the computing preferences you should have a disk and memory tab. What do you have for the settings for memory? If you computer runs low on memory, it will pause the work unit until enough is freed up. If you have the setting for "When computer is in use, use at most" to a low number, this would be an easy solution to raise the amount. If it is set at 100%, then you need to give us more details on your system and what all you have running.
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Posted 3 Oct 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
Try contacting Zombie67. I believe he has a ton of them. http://wuprop.boinc-af.org/show_user.php?userid=797 or here http://www.cosmologyathome.org/show_user.php?userid=193

You may even want to go to some of the teams official forums and post a request. Some of the larger teams tend to have a lot of resources to toss around. You may also want to go to the BOINC forums and put out a post requesting testers. https://boinc.berkeley.edu/dev/

Perhaps putting a news post on the front page of the project requesting it as well. Then there is also the notices function in BOINC Manager that could be used but only if you have new enough Server software to support it.
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Posted 27 Aug 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
Since there is new life, there is an opportunity to get word out quickly. Here is how. A lot of crunchers are badge hunters. Many of us add them to our signatures at each project we participate in. When others see new badges pop up, they get curious as to where they came from. When they find out Cosmology@home has created a badge, it will alert them that the project has new life and new potential. This will reach beyond these threads here at the project and easily spread to almost all BOINC threads as many of the badge hunters reside all over.

Thoughts on the idea?
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Posted 22 Mar 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
lugal, that is ok. I only check in here on occasion myself as I hit my personal goal here months ago. The project really is lacking greatly and has been this way almost since the beginning. I live about an hour away from this University and am really surprised that they run it this way.
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Posted 13 Mar 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
It would be nice to see a valid candidate, but for $15/hour...? A student with those credentials even in that area could make more than that elsewhere. Low level help desk jobs in that area make almost that and they don't require experience or degrees to work...
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Posted 13 Mar 2015 by Profile Coleslaw
lugal, the name difference is because the first workunit that ended in 0 was the first copy to be sent out and the work unit (yours) ending in 1 was the second copy sent out. Since the project requires two copies for validation, that explains why the names are slightly different. You will find this on all work units.

As far as why it failed, you aren't giving enough info to help us help you. If you click on the task id details of the failed work unit, you will find an stderr out with info that helps explain things. It doesn't always have the info needed but that is about the best we have for not being admins/scientists with access to more.

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