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Dirk Riesener

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Message 22664 - Posted: 11 Oct 2020, 13:51:12 UTC

Hello folks, I need a little help.

I run Ubuntu 20, BOINC and Cosmology@home (and other projects) on three computers. Two computers work fine, but the third (my fastest) has permanently a problem: BOINC starts before Virtualbox, so it can't find Virtualbox during it's initial inspektion.
That is not a big problem, I can restart BOINC and it finds Virtualbox. The real problem begins, when I shutdown that computer with pending Cosmology tasks in the job cache. When I start the PC again and BOINC again does not find Virtualbox, it dismisses all camb_boinc2docker files from the job cache as "obsolet". I get not the time to restart BOINC before that happens.
I don't like that at all, I prefer to finish my work properly. So my question is: Has anyone an idea how to fix that problem with the wrong sequence of starting the daemons?

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Forums : Technical Support : Virtualbox starts too late