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Message boards : Wish list : More frequent checkpointing

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Message 8596 - Posted: 22 Sep 2009, 9:39:34 UTC

The application 2.16 only seems to checkpoint about every 2 hours.
Can this interval be shortened?
For example, I understand that Einstein checkpoints every 2 minutes.
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Message 8598 - Posted: 23 Sep 2009, 23:00:32 UTC

The checkpoints do seen to be a long way apart.
It may be a time before we see the next installment of "CAM the ram crusher"
And its even greater thirst, (rumble of thunder in a stormy sky)
And get to make a save point more often,
For when we run out of cosmic shields

It would be nice,
If you can fit it in,

I am not sure if anyone can here us ?
its a bit dark in here,
i think the last person to leave turned out the lights . . . .
it did not used to be so dark,
and "silence of the admins" had not been scene.
can we have the lights back on . . . ?
you know ! ! !
Like the `old` cosmo was.
Though, without the old bugs :)
The constant download errors keep us going nicely.
is it me or is it dark in here.
. . . . . . . .

Message boards : Wish list : More frequent checkpointing