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Message 968 - Posted: 12 Jul 2007, 15:38:29 UTC
Last modified: 11 Jan 2008, 2:33:28 UTC

Forum Rules and Guidelines


* Posts must be \'kid friendly\': they may not contain content that is obscene, hate-related, sexually explicit or suggestive.
* No commercial advertisements.
* No links to web sites involving sexual content, gambling, or intolerance of others.
* No messages intended to annoy or antagonize other people, or to hijack a thread.
* No messages that are deliberately hostile or insulting.
* No abusive comments involving race, religion, nationality, gender, class or sexuality.

DOs and DON\'Ts

- Don\'t make a new thread unless you are POSITIVE that your topic isn\'t being discussed anywhere else.
- Do post in the appropriate thread. Moving around posts all day is a waste of my time, so, please, look for the right thread and make sure your post fits the discussion at hand.
- Don\'t post about topic not related to technical support. There are other forums for that sort of thing.
- Don\'t make a post about an individual problem that you need me to take care of, like changing your team name or creating an account for a friend. Send me a PM instead.
- Do be specific about your problem. Include any pertinent information, i.e. result ID, host ID, error logs, boinc client output, etc.

- Don\'t send PMs asking users to join a team. This will be considered spam and will be dealt with accordingly.
Scott Kruger
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Forums : Technical Support : Forum Rules and Guidelines