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Forums : Technical Support : Longer / heavier WUs?
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Cathal J. Nolan

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Message 8609 - Posted: 5 Oct 2009, 17:22:29 UTC

Cosmology downloaded a corrupt .ini file that proceeded to crash all my BOINC projects repeatedly over two days. There was no way to suspend, abort, or delete the file. I finally had to delete all BOINC files, losing completed WUs, and then refuse to reinstall Cosmology. There appears to be little to no tech support and a minimum to no feedback. I can find better, less problematic uses for my BOINC time, CPUs, and GPU (Cosmo never loaded a GPU project, by the way, despite Cosmo WUs being of extreme length relative to other BOINC projects). When I reloaded Cosmo, it crashed my system all over. So, I am out of this project.

C. Nolan
Boston University
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Message 8610 - Posted: 5 Oct 2009, 21:18:56 UTC

I have never heard of anyone having it as bad as you report,
sorry to read it went real bad for you,
It shure is a bad mix of something,
and in your case best to stay detached.

Lack of contact from admin ! ! ! . . . .
We could do with adding a min or two, there dont seem to be many about.
Well, someone must be paying the electricity bill. :)
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Forums : Technical Support : Longer / heavier WUs?