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Message 1457 - Posted: 24 Jul 2007, 3:09:46 UTC

Something they do over at Seti is a place in the forums where the project managers post whats going on with the data instrumentation,servers,applications and in general whats happenning behind the scenes.

It gives the crunchers more ownership of the project and the users show genuine gratitude for the scientists taking thier precious time out to let them have a clue of some of the inner workings.

I think the C@H project has the desire and has what it takes to enhance the experience here :)

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Message 1645 - Posted: 29 Jul 2007, 0:40:28 UTC

Hi JRenkar -

Again, thanks for keeping the good ideas coming. At the moment I post recent developments and general news related to my research on my home page. News specific to C@H appear on the Message Boards here.

In addition to that I have actually started talking to Scott about setting up a journal/blog on the research in my group including C@H.

For now I am posting items related to our Astrophysics and Cosmology research to the "Astronomy and Cosmology" Message Board, right here at C@H.

Creator of Cosmology@Home
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